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Vintage VDB Handmade MS-C
  • vintage
Vintage VDB Handmade MS-C
By frasie012 on Uhrforum
Dekla Flieger A 42mm
By certinho on Uhrforum
Dekla Flieger 40 Sunray blue
By M. B. Time on Uhrforum
PANDA Möve-Red Star Seagull 1963
  • vintage
Heimdallr Willard–Hommage
By romi1602 on Uhrforum
Escapement Time Vintage KS/GS Style neu
  • vintage
  • quartz
HEUER Vintage Chronograph Reference 13-1
  • rare
  • vintage
Seiko 7002
By Schioedtei on Uhrforum
PHOIBOS Voyager 300m
By Watchdater on Uhrforum
Ogival Fisk Vintage Skin Diver, 60er Jahre
  • vintage
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