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Casio ProTrek PRT-40

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€160 €10 below median

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Casio ProTrek PRT-40 2
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Thumbnail Casio ProTrek PRT-40 1
Thumbnail Casio ProTrek PRT-40 2
Thumbnail Casio ProTrek PRT-40 3
Thumbnail Casio ProTrek PRT-40 4
Thumbnail Casio ProTrek PRT-40 5
Thumbnail Casio ProTrek PRT-40 6
Thumbnail Casio ProTrek PRT-40 7

Casio ProTrek PRT-40

watch.source.namePosted by Andriani7 in
€160 €10 below median

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I am selling an extremely well-preserved Casio PRT-40, a famous tool for soldiers, climbers and people wandering in nature. The watch is serviced and cleaned. A few months ago, two new batteries were installed, as well as a brand new, original strap.

The watch has many cool options, one of which is to measure the atmospheric pressure every two hours and based on the measurement, it draws a graph that shows you whether the weather will improve or deteriorate.

As a great convenience, in order to be able to use all the functions actively, each sensor can be calibrated. Despite its size, the watch is very comfortable to wear.

If you decide to use the temperature sensor, there are two options. In order to be able to accurately measure the outside temperature, you will need to remove the watch from your wrist and set it aside so that the measurement can be made. In the other option, it takes into account the temperature of your body, so you can find out if you have a fever or at least signs that you are sick.

The main functions of the watch are:

- Time, 12 / 24h

- Date, day, month, year

- Alert

- Stopwatch

- Digital compass

- Altimeter, altitude measurement

- Barometer, measurement of atmospheric pressure

- Thermometer, outside temperature measurement

- Dimensions: - Width: 55 mm - Height: 51 mm - Thickness: 14 mm

Price 160 euros + shipping.

This is a private sale to the exclusion of warranty or liability for material defects. Exchange and return are also excluded. The watch is mine.
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